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A restaurant main counter table, serving as the central point of the establishment. The counter table is crafted with a sleek design, featuring a long and smooth surface made of polished stone or wood.


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Yes, we offer custom-made furniture services. You can share your custom furniture design with our team, and we will create the furniture according to your specifications.

When selecting furniture for your restaurant, it's important to consider three key factors: durability, aesthetics, and suitability for your space.


Jodhpur Crafts Furniture Private Limited is best furniture manufacturer in Delhi, Also they provide their furniture in all over India.

Furniture selection in a restaurant varies based on different areas. For outdoor spaces, lounge chairs, outdoor chairs, and tables are commonly used. In the dining hall, dining chairs and tables are prevalent. Seating furniture includes chairs, sofas, and booths. Tables may include coffee tables, dining tables, booth tables, and more. These are some of the typical furniture pieces found in different areas of a restaurant.


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The addition of new handcrafted furniture to a restaurant not only enhances its appearance but also adds a decorative touch. The inclusion of various seating options, tables, and booths adds a charming ambiance to the restaurant space. A well-furnished and stylish restaurant plays a crucial role in attracting customers towards it, creating a welcoming environment.

If you desire to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cafe or restaurant, incorporating handicraft furniture is a splendid choice. By adding such furniture, you can infuse beauty and style into your establishment. Moreover, you have the option of obtaining custom-made handicraft furniture that perfectly complements the size and space of your restaurant.

We, Jodhpur Crafts Furniture Private Limited, are a leading supplier and manufacturer of restaurant furniture based in Delhi. We cater to customers all across India, offering a wide range of fully custom and handicraft furniture. If you have any queries or require assistance regarding furniture, please feel free to contact us.

Different types of Furniture For Restaurants

In a restaurant, different categories of furniture are used based on the areas within the establishment. There are separate furniture options for seating areas, dining halls, and outdoor spaces. Let’s explore some common types of restaurant furniture.

Restaurant Seating Furniture

In restaurants, there are different types of seating furniture. Included Chairs, bar stools, dining chairs, booths, luxury sofas, and outdoor lounge chairs. When selecting seating furniture, make sure to consider that it should be comfortable, durable, functional, and provide a royal feel to the customers.


In a restaurant, different types of tables are used based on the specific functions they serve. There are coffee tables, dining tables, booth tables, and more. These tables are not only decorative but also durable and well-furnished. They are designed to enhance the overall ambiance of the restaurant.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture plays a significant role in enhancing aesthetics and creating a splendid ambiance in the outer areas of a restaurant. Patio chairs, tables, lounge chairs, and metal chairs are some of the main components of outdoor furniture. These elements contribute to making the outdoor space of a restaurant visually appealing and magnificent.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture allows you to create furniture for your restaurant according to its size and desired appearance. It involves designing chairs, tables, dining tables, and other pieces that perfectly suit your restaurant’s specifications. At Jodhpur Crafts Furniture Private Limited, we offer the option of custom furniture. You can directly contact us to discuss your requirements and have custom furniture tailored to your needs.

How to Buy Restaurant Furniture Online 

You can now also buy restaurant furniture online. At Jodhpur Crafts Furniture Private Limited, we offer the option to buy restaurant furniture through our website. Simply visit our furniture catalog, choose the items you wish to purchase, and place your order. If you have your own design in mind, you can share it with us online, and our team will create custom furniture according to your preferences.

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