Willamette 3 Door Solid Mango Wood Armoire Cabinet With Drawers

35″ L X 16″ D X 70″ H
Small Cabinet Shelves: 15″ L X 12″ D X 11″ H
Small Drawer: 12″ L X 11″ D X 3″ H
Big Drawer: 11″ L X 11″ D X 7″ H
Big Cabinet Shelves: 16″ L X 12.5″ D X 14″ H
If you want to bring the sophisticated look of handmade furniture to your bedroom you cannot go wrong with an armoire like this. With ample storage, you will find all the space you need for your wardrobe items, bed linens, or blankets. You could easily incorporate this piece into your living room or study as well. Any room will be instantly enhanced by the quality and unique charms of this handcrafted storage cabinet.


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Every now and then a furniture piece comes along that has such a unique quality about it that you must just stop and appreciate the craftsmanship. The Willamette 3 Door Solid Mango Wood Armoire Cabinet With Drawers is precisely one of those pieces. Everywhere you look on this item there is evidence of the fine craftsmanship that went into this creation of this tall storage cabinet. From the solid Mango wood to the hand applied finish, every detail was considered and the proof is in the final product. Every surface of this unique armoire cabinet is enhanced by a medium tone that shows the hand applied ribbing that lends a movement and fluidity to the piece. The natural characteristics of the wood are complemented beautifully by the rich tones and unique style of rustic finish. Three large drawers, two small drawers and two storage cabinets provide ample space for all your needs. With the same attention to detail inside and out, it is easy to see why this 100% handmade large storage cabinet armoire is a truly unique item.

Made of sustainable Mango wood, this armoire with shelves and drawers is strong enough to hold up to everyday use while still being light enough to move around. With durability and strength, this gorgeous furniture will hold its form and age gracefully.

Special Features:
• 100% handcrafted
• Made of sustainable Mango wood
• Hand-applied finish with complex ribbing
• Shows natural wood characteristics
• 3 large storage drawers, 2 small drawers
• 2 door large cabinet on top, 1 door cabinet at the bottom
• Spacious storage for your wardrobe items, bed linens, or blankets
• Environmentally friendly materials
• Anti-tip kit included


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