Bettie Chair

Introducing of Bettie Chair


HEIGHT 81 cm
WIDTH 54 cm
DEPTH 59 cm

Made in India

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The design of the Bettie seat is based on folding metal rods into sculptures. Thus, this chair is fluid, elegant and paradoxically robust.

The Bettie chair’s design gives it a chic and industrial element. A chair with geometric shapes and bold techniques, the Diiiz Bettie chair has made an impression, and most notably, it has shone like a diamond in the world of design.

The structure of the Bettie side is made of welded mild steel wire. The seat of the Diiiz Bettie chair is decorated with a cushion in classic leather. This seat, which resembles a sculpture, has been designed for lovers of furniture design.

The metal used to make the Bettie seat does not detract from its comfort. With or without the cushion, the Bettie chair will find its place in all types of interior thanks to its modern yet classic design.


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