Puebla Reclaimed Wood Heritage Hand Craved Beach


67″ L X 18″ D X 42″ H
Emulate a classic royal aura in your home by picking our fantastic Puebla Reclaimed Wood Heritage Hand Craved Bench.

The distressed, white-washed finish and neo-classical aesthetic of this patio bench are highly juxtaposed, but they work together really well. The reclaimed wood craftsmanship and excellent heirloom quality are just the cherry on top. This patio bench can be your throne as you sit back, relax, and enjoy a view of nature after a hectic day at work.

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The design of this patio garden bench starts with a smooth sitting area. It has a gorgeous, hand-carved entablature at its bottom that neatly enjoins into 4 sturdy rectangular legs on each corner. The backrest is as royally inspired as they come. It consists of an intricately carved wooden frame that is white-washed to enhance the stunning hand-carved details that take up the whole boundary. A horizontal wooden strip in the middle provides a nice balance and structural support so that you can lean back easily without putting a strain on your back.

Special Features:
• 100% handcrafted
• Solid reclaimed wood craftsmanship
• Traditional style designing
• Artfully distressed finish
• Intricate hand-carved details
• Smooth sitting surface
• Carved entablature
• Stylistic back
• Rectangular feet
• Heirloom quality
• Expert joinery
• Easy maintenance

Note: Custom Options such as Size, Shape, Shade & Design are not applicable to this item. Furniture is subjected to have Slight Variations. Real wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike. Variations in solid wood grain patterns are to be expected and make each furniture uniquely beautiful, just like us humans.


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