Black Resin Epoxy Rectangular Dining Table

*Any size and variations available upon request.

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At The JODHPUR CRAFTS  Workshop, we are here to accommodate you in designing/building you the perfect dining room table. We carry a large variety of formal dining sets and kitchen furniture practical for everyday use. The client is given the opportunity to choose from a variety of hard woods such as; poplar, maple, walnut, cherry, oak etc. Hundreds of different colours and wares are also available to choose from, along with different wares and ding marks. No matter where you place one of our tables, it will become the piece de resistance in your house. Our tables are built with design and care in mind. We have some of the best looking as well as sturdiest tables in the industry. The woods we use have been dried and are guaranteed to be warp free along with the rest of our lines of furniture. Our tables stand the test of time, and we hope that numerous joyous occasions are spent around one of our pieces of furniture.


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